Our Story :

A lover of travel and sunshine, Soraya Eddine imagined for 27 years collections of swimwuits as chic as feminine. Sophisticated creations just like her : a woman full energy who created alone at just 22 years her brand: Soraya Swimwear. Unique design worn for 15 years by Miss France and now exported around the world, in tis own shops in the caribbean islands and St Tropez.

It is on Martinique's beaches where she sells bathing suits that came up the idea of creating her own brand. The season barely finished, she dropped anchor in Saint-Tropez. That summer, Soraya sold swimsuits on the beach of Pampelonne and then, the next summer her own creations. The success is there and she decides to leave France for Hong Kong. With determination and audacity, she managed to convince a supplier to give her chance. The following season in Saint-Tropez have been the start of a beautiful adventure that continues to be written.